TOP DESIGNER FASHION WEEK would like to offer you the Opportunity to become partners for our International Phenomenal Event.DUBAI, PARIS. NEW YORK, ORLANDO FLORIDA, PHILIPPINES

Top Designer Fashion Week is not an ordinary fashion event but it is luxury fashion event to show the creative mind of each designer.It is an event in which all Famous Designers of UAE and around the world will participate with their creative Designs,concepts and express them through Different Fashionstyle.It will be the first of its kind fashion show through which we will help charity BUILD HOME FOR HOPE its charity to build home for homeless people.

Scope :
Top Designer Fashion Week is an Annual Fashion show which will not provide opportunity to Local talented fashion designers to show case their work but some famous names of Fashion industry designer will also participates with their creative fashion designs and also many established designers of region is also be part of it Many International and Regional top Models of region will participate also.

Potential Benefits :
Top Designer Fashion Week is a Unique Fashion event.That Show will provide a good opportunity to sponsors as compare to other promotional activities.

As a sponsor your marketing material will be market with our event marketing campaigns on Print and Electronic Media as well as on Social Media Campaigns.Apart from this,we will do a massive marketing on social media and through print media about this event,for coverage of this event,we invite all major media houses,newspapers,fashion magazines,Fashion Bloggers,Tv Channels.

As Event is connected to different Social Causes, its also an opportunity for sponsor to associate this business activates to Social causes which will result in good will image in business community and society.



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